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An epic coffee journey.

At the den is all about creating experiences through coffee.

Its owner was born and raised in Venezuela with a strong Italian heritage, then by 2015 moved to Australia. It’s under the influence of the Melbourne coffee scene that he started his coffee journey, allowing him to meet different kinds of people from all over the world while sharing the same passion, coffee. Currently, he lives in the northern suburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The den is a coffee space that has a deep meaning on all of its elements, from the name and special touches on the menu to the furniture and the space design, from the equipment we choose to the products we source.

Our journey is rich with stories and adventures, because exploring the world has been a full-filling passage but the most important treasure that we keep with us it’s our friends along this journey.

For us, coffee is a unique social element that gathers and connects people no matter the language, country of origin, or preferences. We focus on sharing the stories from farm to cup, while offering world-class standards.

We are on the continuous search of sourcing the best quality beans, equipment, and service, while being proud to share with our daily visitors a bit of the world that we have known, a bit of the many good friends that we have met along this journey, and on creating experiences through coffee.

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